Xposure Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to expose children and people of all ages to the worlds of science, technology, finance, employment/work ethic, fitness/nutrition, community service, and stronger parent/child partnerships. Founded in 2007 by Social Entrepreneur Raymond L. Thomas, Jr., Xposure currently operates 11 STEAM-based after-school and community-based programs serving youth and families across New York City and Westchester County.

Xposure’s STEAM-infused Project Based Learning programming has garnered 3X NY EMMY Award and  13X NY EMMY nominations with four of those nominations announced on February 23, 2017. Using creative vehicles such as Music Production, Film-making, 2D Animation, 3D Animation/Modeling/Printing, Art & Illustration, Coding, Broadcasting, and more, Xposure exposes young people to real-world life skills in an interesting, engaging, and skills rich way.

Xposure’s acclaimed “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” financial literacy component teaches young people the basics of saving, earning interest, and investing through age-appropriate lessons and activities. Xposure partners with parents to assist them in opening custodial bank savings accounts and custodial investment accounts for their children. During scheduled bank trips students fill out deposit slips and deposit their money at the teller window. Xposure also exposes youth as young as Kindergarten to investing in the stock market. Xposure provides seed money for students who have successfully demonstrated a basic working knowledge of the stock market. Parents are invited in on “STOCK PURCHASE DAY” to share in the life-shaping moment their child transforms from a consumer to an actual owner/shareholder. This experiential learning approach has helped Xposure open thousands of bank savings and investment accounts.

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