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Our Mission is to expose children, adolescents, and adults in underserved communities to the worlds of Science, Technology, Finance, Work Ethics, Nutrition, and Community Service while helping to build stronger parent/children partnerships.


Open an Investment Bank for your check today ➡️

Designed for families

An easy-to-use app for parents to invest with their kids, not just for them.

Hands-on learning

Kids learn by doing – making their own trades that adults approve.

Simplified crypto

Owning crypto is now as easy as buying stocks. Choose from over 30!

Fractional trading

With as little as $1, own stocks or cryptos you and your children love.

Debit card checkout

Buy stocks immediately without the need to link a bank account.

Financial Literacy is
all about Experiential Learning

Since 2007 Xposure Foundation Inc. has helped thousands of children and youth open their very own custodial savings and investment accounts. We’ve sponsored hundreds of bank trips where children and youth fill out deposit slips and deposit money into their very own bank savings account. Our STOCK PURCHASE PARTIES are all the rage as we celebrate our young people becoming OWNERS / SHAREHOLDERS in real time by purchasing fractional shares of Fortune 500 companies using their very own custodial investment accounts to trade. Is there a better way to have children and youth use their newfound financial knowledge? Forget those cruel stock market games with fictional capital, we actually teach young people the basics of the stock market and then provide them with seed money for their very first investment. Some of those young people now own NIKE shares in addition to those NIKE Airs. Have you ever watched a 5 year old walk up to the bank teller to deposit money into their very own bank account? One word best describes that scene, “POWERFUL!”Through our “FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR ALL” – EARN WHILE YOU LEARN and WALL STREET WARRIORS programs we provide children and youth in our daycares, after-school programs and tutoring platforms with the seed money to participate in a core part of the American Dream, saving and investing, early and often. Our belief is that children and youth who regularly deposit, save, and invest money they earn are much more likely to develop positive life-long financial habits that will lead to life-long financial success. 


Advance Your Career to The Next Level


NeXt Level Career Fair

By Xposure Foundation Inc.

Recruiting for both Full Time and Part Time positions: Program Directors, Teaching Artists, Group Leaders, Graphic Designers, Animators, Filmmakers, Music Producers, Entrepreneurs, Dance Instructors, Athletic Instructors & More.


DEAR BULLY – 2021 NY EMMY AWARD WINNER, Shadajae, Marvin, James, Brianna, Alexus, Frank Kelly, Rich, worked extremely hard on this film. These young Emmy Award Winning...

RIGHTS – 2021 NY EMMY AWARD WINNER super talented and now double Emmy-winning Rich McKinney from Bronx Multicultural 212 is also 3 X NY EMMY nominated...

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