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What we are looking for

We are seeking passionate, creative, dedicated Full-Time After-School Program Directors for our 9 X NY Emmy Nominated middle and elementary after-school programs located in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Who We Are

Xposure Foundation Inc.’s mission is to expose children and adolescents to the worlds of Science, Technology, Finance, Work Ethics/Employment, Nutrition, Community Service, and stronger Parent/Child Partnerships.

Roles and Responsibilities

As an XPOSURE Program Director, you will oversee day-to-day program operations, supervise line staff, organize special events, and liaise amongst parents, students, and school staff. The XPOSURE Program Director must be patient, compassionate, proactive, organized, creative, resourceful, and a good judge of character. The XPOSURE Program must be an educator, a manager, a counselor, a mediator, an administrator, an ambassador, a problem solver, a negotiator, a coach, and a nurse. He or she MUST have a Do or Die mentality. He or she must be a credible authority at the program, skillfully managing relationships with program staff, students, parents, custodians and school administration, as well as representatives of DYCD, DOH and OCFS. He or she must be one of those special people who finds joy helping middle school students through the maelstrom of early adolescence or K-5 students through growing pains. He or she must be able to earn their trust and gain their respect. The XPOSURE Program Director must have the ability to hire staff who relate well to the students. The XPOSURE Program Director must with the assistance of the team be able to design activities that are developmentally appropriate for middle-school and K-5 students of all levels.


2-4 Year Degree
Prior experience working as a Program Director or educational leadership position is a plus, but not required.


Fulltime – $45,000 – $50,000 annually depending on education and experience.

Partime – $19 -$24 hr. depending on education and experience (after-school hours)

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