Teaching Artist

Are you a creative person who is passionate about children and youth?  

Do you believe there are no limits to what youth can achieve when their creativity is explored, encouraged, and cultivated?

Are you interested in learning how to use your specific artistry and gift to teach young people real-world life skills? If YES is your answer to all of those questions, we want you! 

Whether you are a Filmmaker, Animator, Engineer, Scientist, Illustrator, Music Producer, Chess Master, Coder, Gamer, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Writer, Poet, professional or amateur, we want you to use your artistry and gift to teach children and youth real-world life skills such as finance, work ethic, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, social-emotional competencies, etc.  

Our belief is that our number 1 job as teachers and adults is to expose our children and youth to the infinite number of possibilities they have to be great in life. If you believe what we believe, what are you waiting for? 



Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $18.00 – $22.00 per hour depending on education and experience. 

Check out our amazing young people on our Xposure Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xposureclubx/?hl=en

COVID-19 Vaccination is a MUST, we must protect our children and each other. 

Once you have signed on we provide you with a $25 gift card to STOCKPILE.COM to open your own investment account. If we are to teach our children and youth to be lifelong savers and investors, we have to walk it like we talk it. $$

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